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With care, attention and creativity, our dishes always try to accommodate our clients’ needs, to make them satisfied and happy at each tasting. 

About Us

When we feel joy, satisfaction, and conviviality, we exclaim “Viva!”. Viva represents this, a place of sharing and escape, in the spirit of flavours and aromas which can touch our souls. The Viva Restaurant has born from this concept, inspiring six-lifetime friends to jump into this adventure. Located in the heart of Rome, a stone’s throw from the sparkling and elegant Via Veneto, the restaurant wants to be a real experience, personifying the concepts of beauty and goodness in every detail.

The Kitchen

Thanks to the quality of its selected materials and care for every single element, Viva, in a very short period, has been able to grow and assert in the hearts of its clients. 

The vivacity of flavors, the cooking innovative techniques and our chefs’ creative touch are the most important elements that allow us to create exquisitely elegant dishes, in an always growing dance of tastes.

The Team

The sense of familiarity and desires of our clients are the engine of our actions: the feeling of being at home is essential for Viva.

This is the core of the team: warmth and hospitality. For this reason, it is fundamental to create a bond with our clients, to anticipate and satisfy their needs and wishes.

Wine and Cocktail Bar

Viva, once again, performs its metamorphosis becoming wine and cocktail bar. Our choice is not only about national wines from small and big producers but amplifies on an enological overview of natural and particular-flavoured wines.

Our cocktail bar claims a wide variety of spirits, with a numerous selection of gin from all over the world. 

At Viva, the attention for the client is everything: at the end of every meal, you will be advised on how to end it up, among the notes of liquors and bitters that delight the palate.

The Menu

From raw fish to more traditional dishes, our menu enriches with flavours and aromas. Find out more by clicking on the button below!

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